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About Running

Categories of Running


There are many kinds of running in different ways. According to distance, there are long-distance running, medium-distance running, and sprint. According to the speed, there are full-speed running, variable speed running, and jogging. According to different exercise purposes, it can be divided into uphill running, downhill running, step running, weight-bearing running, aerobic running, cross-country running, etc.

Benefits of Running


Running is one of the most beneficial cardio exercises you can do. Getting active can make you feel better and boost your overall well-being level. By running at least 10 minutes per day, you can significantly reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and improve your knees and back. Moreover, it releases endorphins, which alleviate stress by reducing pain. As a result, you can sleep more soundly. It can even stimulate the growth of your hippocampus, responsible for memory and learning. 

Evolution of Running


In recent years, road running activities have gradually sprung up. The main reason is that road running is quite suitable for the participation of the whole people. Three or five friends or parents and children can shorten the distance between each other through mutual refueling and encouragement

Significance of Exercises 


Exercise has a huge impact on people including regulating the body's nervousness and restoring physical strength and energy, improving the immune system, relieving stress, enhancing self-confidence and values, improving an individual's motivation, creativity, and initiative.

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