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Running Awareness

Motivation, purpose, and expected benefits

This time to do actual dissemination in elementary schools, instead of using paper or the internet, is mainly to convey the importance and knowledge of running to children in the interactive process. Interactive dissemination can grab their attention more attractively and express our ideas more interestingly. Therefore, it will be easier to maximize the benefits. The purpose of our advocacy is to raise children's running awareness with straightforward content. We chose elementary students as our target audience because we want them to understand running and its importance at an early age and form the habit of running. We expected that when children develop the habit of running, they may also drive their parents to run together and achieve a positive impact.

Content of promotion

The content of this promotion to elementary school can be divided into two parts, the precautions for running and the benefits to the human body. All in all, we hope that in listening to the whole speech, elementary school students can clearly understand the true meaning of what we want to convey and then learn and apply these basic ordinary senses in their daily lives.

We list four caveats—first, warm-up before running. Warming up and stretching before running can effectively avoid and reduce the possibility of cramps on the way. Second, add an appropriate amount of water. If you feel thirsty while running, you can add about 170c.c. of water every 15-20 minutes. Third, the correct knowledge of jogging, the feet must maintain a bending state during the alternating period, and wrong knowledge may induce plantar fasciitis. Fourth is diaphragm pain.

The diaphragm pain is caused by a sudden increase in the number of breaths, adjusting your breathing well.

Then there are four benefits of running on the human body:

  1. Promote the body's metabolism and detoxification. The sweating caused by running will boost metabolism, thereby removing toxins from the body.

  2. Improve the shoulders, neck, and spine. The sedentary habit of modern people can lead to various shoulder and neck problems. Correct running posture can improve the discomfort of the shoulder and neck.

  3. Strengthen bones and cardiopulmonary function. A moderate amount of running can increase the runner's bone density and ligament thickness and at the same time improve cardiopulmonary function and make the heart healthier.

  4.  Increase the secretion of endorphins. Long-distance running can effectively increase the growth of endorphins in the brain, improve sleep quality, and allow runners to sleep until dawn.


In the end, we hope this actual dissemination will make the students more aware of running. Although it’s not big dissemination, it’s also hoping that they will be able to memorize the knowledge and develop the habit of running for a long time. We believe that we can bring change through our little efforts.

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