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Catagories of Running

There are many kinds of running in different ways. According to distance, there are long-distance running, medium-distance running, and sprint. According to the speed, there are full-speed running, variable speedrunning, and jogging. According to different exercise purposes, it can be divided into uphill running, downhill running, step running, weight-bearing running, aerobic running, cross-country running, etc.

1. long-distance running

Generally speaking, long-distance running is the basis of running, and runners can last longer. In order to make runners reach medium or even extreme fatigue, its purpose is to exercise runners' endurance. The general principle is that the training distance is long enough to give you the confidence to face the next game. Many other elements can be added over long distances, such as gradual acceleration throughout the course, mixed intervals, or rhythmic runs. It helps to enhance endurance and establish the habit of running for a long time. It requires enough time to supplement energy, stretch, ice compress, and rest (56-94 seconds/km slower than 5K pace, 65% - 70% of the maximum heart rate).


2. Relaxation running

Relaxation running is relatively short training at a very easy pace. Relaxation running is carried out before or after high-intensity training. It can increase some training mileage, but it will not bring much pressure to runners. After interval training, it is generally necessary to carry out relaxation running. You must train at your most relaxed speed in order to recover from the fatigue of the last high-intensity training.


3. Basic running

Basic running is short to medium-distance running training at a natural pace. The purpose of basic running is not to challenge yourself with strength or distance, but to do it often. It is to stimulate and improve runners' aerobic ability and endurance. 


4. Acceleration running

As the name suggests, accelerated running is gradually accelerated running training, starting at a natural pace and ending at a marathon pace. This type of running generally requires medium intensity, which is slightly higher than the basic running intensity and lower than the short-distance interval running intensity, so the recovery cycle after training is relatively shorter.

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