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2022 Cyberfair
Victoria Academy



Taiwan's population has become more and more health-conscious over the past few years. Taiwan's Ministry of Labor announced its 2019 International Labor Statistics. Taiwan's total labor hours were 2028, ranking 4th in the world and 2nd in Asian countries, second only to Singapore. Most workers in Taiwan have been in a high-stress environment for a long time, coupled with long working hours, leading to a severe mental and physical toll.


"Running" is the sport that our team thinks requires the most miniature equipment and is the easiest to participate in. Exercise is done by running or walking instead of taking a vehicle when getting to or from work while saving energy and reducing carbon emissions.


Studies have shown that running has many benefits for the human body. Running can improve your cardiopulmonary function. A recent study published in BMJ found that running for less than 50 minutes per week (equivalent to 5-10 minutes per day) can reduce your risk of heart disease. 30% lower risk of death.



Research purposes

To collect data, to understand the origin of the sport, related cultural assets, etc., and to understand the impact of this activity on the body and psychology.


To promote healthy habits, interview professional marathon runners, investigate the public perception of running, and at the same time inform the public about the importance of running and encourage the people to participate.



Running originated from the hunting behavior of human beings' daily life in primitive times. Human beings in primitive societies have no concept of production. Human beings must hunt and chase prey to get food sources to meet physiological needs. The environment at that time required running also to escape any crisis of nature. Running became the most common sport and was also the most practical skill.


To talk about the official running competition, you have to look back to the very first Olympic Games, and before that was the marathon. The origin of the marathon is to commemorate the Greek messenger Pheidippides. He spent two days running nearly 42 kilometers to bring the good news back to Greece and died of exhaustion. From this, we can see the difficulty of the marathon, so modern-day marathon roads run shorter distances, which provide people with more choices, and it is also encouraged for participants to do pre-training.

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